Company Profile







PT. Mutiara Indah Anugrah is a local based construction company, established in 2011.

In our business development, other than cooperating with other local companies, our company also collaborates with many international companies and also has many international customers. Along the way, competency and quality of our company have been proven by the increase of demand from customers.


Therefore, other than construction projects (buildings, warehouse, ports, factories, power plants, etc.), our company has also expanded its business sector such as Labor Supply, Transportation Service, Equipment & Material Supply, etc.


Not only that, PT. Mutiara Indah Anugrah also has a few subsidiaries which are engaged in the field of Working Visa (KITAS) arrangement for expatriates, and Export Import Services. Based on our commitment we always give the best for customer satisfaction, our team work which are skilled, experienced, and committed in their respective field. We always try to increase our customers' satisfaction and contribute to the community by giving service beyond their expectation.


Vission and Mission


To be a local company which could help foreign companies, state-owned companies and government officials in their effort to develop the construction sector in Indonesia and to commit fully to provide optimal service for investors, partners, clients and society.


  1. To help Indonesia advance in terms of infrastructure.
  2. To help Indonesian government in maximizing Human Resources utilization.
  3. To help regional government in building and providing facilities for the community.
  4. To give the best service for investors and foreign business partners in Indonesia.
  5. To optimize the return and growth of investments made by business partners, clients, and shareholders.
  6. To be a company which could provide excellent experience and career for employees.


Business Segment :


  1. Labor Supply
  2. Civil and Construction Work
  3. Equipment and Material Supply
  4. Bussiness and Work Visa (KITAS)
  5. Export and Import Services
  6. Manpower Training Service
  7. Transportation Service


Excellence of PT. Mutiara Indah Anugrah :


PT. Mutiara Indah Anugrah is a company that has grown and developed based on great commitment to our clients. This commitment, and the team of professionals working at Mutiara Indah Anugrah, has culminated in the company remaining strong and continuing to grow.

Our reputation for quality has allowed Mutiara Indah Anugrah to become one the leading players in manpower Supply, Civil Construction, equipment and material supply and work/business visa. The Company 's growth in assets has also been consistent year after year.


For our clients, this means providing the best quality service. The implementation of Mutiara Indah Anugrah's business development concept ensures loyalty to  existing customers is honored, while also making a concerted effort to form relationships with new clients. Directors and top-level management has committed to HSE, companies realize that every labor is a corporate asset, and we are always evaluating and correcting any programs HSE. We do this because we believe the company will grow rapidly to have a good resale value from the point of HSE.

Ultimately, this commitment has become a key part of the company's strategy to face local and foreign competitors alike, and will ensure that Mutiara Indah Anugrah will continually move forward, and succeed in greatly expanding our business.